Once upon a time,

a girl wrote two stories . . . 
that were never published. Both were lost. But she never gave up her dream to create a story, to become an author, with a purpose.
Jennies was raised in a Jamaican-Canadian home where she enjoyed being the "story-teller" in a family of eight children. While working professionally as an RN, Jennies also pursued an education in creative writing, then soon became busy as a full-time homeschooling mom with a passion for faith, family, home, and writing. Now, with the homeschooling years behind her, Jennies focuses more on community initiatives and, of course, continues to write. 

JENNIES M. EDWARDS shares passionately in her visionary and inspirational books filled with mystery, suspense, and meaningful relationships, and that promote racial harmony and the greatest message of all!

THE MESSAGE that promotes God's great love and power, and His salvation for the world through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ, and through His Holy Spirit who empowers us with His Fruit & Gifts.


Along with his day job as branch manager in the HVAC industry, Jennies' husband is also a gifted worship leader, and an enthusiastic supporter of her writing.



Jennies and Milton have five children, who also love to use their musical talents to magnify the Lord, one beautiful daughter-in-law, and three precious grandchildren.

Jennies & Milton currently reside in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.