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Where the Impossible is Possible! Mystery! Suspense! Racial Harmony! Meaningful Relationships! And the Greatest Message of all!

To Milele - A book for the world!

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Endorsements for TO MILELE:

"To Milele is a skillfully crafted, futuristic novel that has a bit of everything - mystery, romance, hi-tech innovations, fascinating characters, and spiritual warfare. Edwards weaves a mesmerizing tale of good versus evil in the last days . . . captivates the imagination from start to end . . . rich symbolism of foretold people, places, and events to come . . . masterful and brilliant."
~~Sean G., Retired Major USAF

"Truly an inspiring work . . . whirlwind of adventure, philosophy, and family." ~Justine Russell, Writer, Editor, and all-round Bibliophile

"Action, romance, and hope are what you will receive reading To Milele! This book carries a theme of hope when the world looks hopeless ‘for such a time as this.’ It reads like a movie reel . . ." ~Patricia Russell, Bestselling Author of Stronger Resilience and Crushed Diamonds Still Sparkle

"A captivating and inspirational read. I wanted to keep reading and was not disappointed . . . the excitement of a fictional story while providing insights into real life." ~Hannah Lewis-Keating, Family Ministries Pastor

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God in My House series (3 books) available in paperback and e-book 

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God in My House 

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Some Reviews for God in My House:                 

"This is a must read book..." Rev. Isabel Jewer (Trenton, ON)

"Your book is awesome..." Valerie Clancy (Write On Freelance Services, Port Hope, ON)

"It encounters the spiritual aspect of human life realistically, in a way that few novels do..." Sarah Gugliotta (Youth Leader, Trenton, ON)

" interesting mixture of romance and suspense written from an evangelical point of view." Carrie Jeffrey (Michael's Family Books, Pickering, ON)

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God in My Church

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Some Reviews for God in My Church:

"What a great book...amazing...full of drama, suspense, romance and faith. I love it!" Rev. Evelyn Wilson (Carrying Place, ON)

"A great mix of romance, mystery and faith." Helena Weyer (Educator, Trenton, ON)

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God in My Town

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Some Reviews for God in My Town:

"...A thrilling ride that opens your eyes to what we're up against, but reassures us that with God, we're always on the winning team." Sheila Wray Gregoire (author, columnist, speaker)

"This gripping love story will capture your imagination! A beautiful portrait of faith in a merciful God." Honey King (Messianic Jew, Picton, ON)

"...a riveting read; the dynamic relationship between Tee-May & Quinn, intriguing; spiritual warfare, eye-opening..." Chantelle Edwards (4th-year forensic student, Carleton University, Ottawa)

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