The Unseen

There's so much more to life than what our five senses tell us! There's an unseen world that exists with this physical one, and God created them both. We have been placed here not to just survive, but to live life to the fullest!

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The Round Ark

(Revised 2022)

It was over 20 years ago that I had the dream - 2001 - a dream I knew was more than a dream - a vision of sorts, but since it occurred while I slept, then I will call it a dream.

I believe God gave this dream to comfort me about the future, especially due to great uncertainty in the world. Even more so now . . .

Despite recent, horrific events across nations, all will pale in comparison to the Wrath of God unleased on Evil, at the end of the world. The Bible speaks of it in Revelation. The Seals, the Trumpets, the Bowls, the Lake of Fire. . . . You judge which depicts His wrath. The good news is, God has always spared His people from His wrath: Noah and his family from the Flood; Lot and his family from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah; Moses and the ancient Israelites from the Plagues of Egypt. . . .

This dream has comforted me all these years, and continues to do so. May it also comfort you, His people, His Church, His Bride:

I was in an apartment building - a high rise. This building was next door to another high rise in which I could see the President of the United States of America. I left my apartment and went outside. A short distance away, I noticed that my apartment and the American President's apartment were central in a row of high-rise apartments. Behind these were other rows of apartments of differing heights. All of the apartments were set back from, but also in a semi-circle around, a hugh round object (I believe the apartments depict kingdoms or countries of the world).

This round object was like a huge steel ball. Its diameter was about twice the height of a man. It was secured to a platform on concrete. A guard was posted there to watch for a signal. Apparently, a trigger device was programed in the ball to warn of impending disaster. The President would then be notified and would find safety inside the ball-like object.

I then looked back to see the President still in his apartment. Suddenly, my attention was drawn back to the ball. It had started vibrating. It stopped, then started again. The guard seemed confused, as if this was not the expected signal; this signal was from some other source.

The vibrations of the ball became more urgent. I looked and noticed that the President was no longer in his apartment. Without seeing him, I knew he was in the ball.

I then noticed that the ball was free from most of its rounded sides, so that the floor of the platform could be seen. Without being told, I knew to step onto the platform. It seemed that my oldest child was on my left and had stepped on just before I had. Extending from the platform was a wooden bridge. It had not been there before. It extended to an unknown distance.

I noticed now that there were rails curved around parts of the platform, though the back was still part of the original ball, and the area where the bridge was attached was left open. Other people were now walking on the bridge and onto the platform. There were many children, even crawling babies, on their own.

I started looking for the rest of my family to come. Somehow I knew I could not go find them - that I could do nothing but wait.

While waiting, I saw a baby girl crawling on the bridge, near the platform. I stepped one foot off the platform to get her, because I knew she was mine. However, someone else picked her up to carry her on before I could. I stepped back, again looking for the rest of my family (I had thought this baby to be the one I miscarried, but now believe her to be my 5th child, not born at the time. Her thick head of hair was exactly like my real life child).

Suddenly, my 2nd child bounded onto the platform and threw his arms around my waist. While he was still hugging me, my 3rd child rushed past us to the other side of the platform. She was followed by my 4th child. I called my 4th child by name, urging her to go hold the hand of my 3rd child (In the dream, my 4th child was perhaps between 3 - 5 years old. At the time of the dream, she was less than a year).

I then looked for my husband. It seemed to take long, but then I saw him coming up the bridge. I could see his sandaled feet moving quickly, carefully, not wanting to step on any little ones. In his arms he held a baby. This baby was perhaps between 3 - 6 months, with the silky hair of an infant - dark and curly. The child was dressed in a sleeveless jumper with no shirt. My husband carried the baby carefully and was soon on the platform (I had believed this baby to be my 5th child, but now believe he represents my grandson/children. He looked exactly like my1st grandson).

As soon as my husband stepped onto the platform, the original curved walls of the ball reappeared, as if they were doors slammed shut.

The ball then vibrated and shot into the sky. Below, disaster came upon Earth in the form of massive explosions. When the ball entered space, it slowed, but continued in an upward direction.

I felt warm and drowsy as if just coming out of a deep, comfortable sleep. I looked upward, and the roof of the ball did not hinder my vision. I saw that we were traveling toward a light. A very bright light.

At this point, I woke from the dream. Tears streamed down my face because the dream was not reality, and I wished it had been.

Whatever troubles or tribulations He takes us through or spares us from, the Lord Jesus promised He would never leave His people alone. BUT. We are not destined for His wrath. He will transport us to Himself.

Be filled with hope,


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