The Unseen

There's so much more to life than what our five senses tell us! There's an unseen world that exists with this physical one, and God created them both. We have been placed here not to just survive, but to live life to the fullest!

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March 2022

A Book for the World

TO MILELE is allegoric: a fictitious story of the Unseen Wind, or the Invisible One, made visible on Earth, at the End of Days or the Last Days, just before Time ends.

The story's setting is fabricated - on an island called Eden-2 - not representing any one country, depicting a futuristic world. It actually portrays two worlds: one is Earth, slightly more futuristic than we know; the other coexists invisibly with the world.

I compare it to a chef's Intriguing dish, for adults And teens: a solid base of mystery & suspense, action & adventure, with a dash of romance, and a pinch of thriller, roasted in a flavourful dish of provocative inspiration. But its main ingredient is hope.

And look for the truth in it, the meanings beneath the layers of past, present, future!

Milele (mee-lay-lay) in Swahili means everlasting/forever. It was quite challenging to write. Bringing the unseen into the natural is not that simple, especially eternal things. At first, my own life's challenges slowed the process, and the story was shelved. Over five years later, it was revived and completed. I wrote with God, as I could write it no other way but with fear and trembling, yet also joy and revelation, attempting to strip Christianese and churchese from the prophetic story to bring a fresh understanding of what will take place when the Creator of all - brings Time to an end.

'I am,' said Aslan. 'But there I have another name. You must learn to know me by that name. This was the very reason why you were brought to Narnia, that by knowing me here for a little, you may know me better there.' - Chronicles of Narnia, CS Lewis.

Here is the synopsis of To Milele:

What if that person who is like the wind could be seen?

On Earth—where the unseen becomes seen and the one who stirs humanity’s conscience has a face—there appears a new place from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Out of a worldwide catastrophe comes the inexplicable emergence of a mysterious island. At the same time, an equally mysterious mist shrouds the earth, leaving only the island and Israel exposed to the sun. In this uniquely-altered world, the Sovereigns—the Emperor, the Prince, the Ambassador—and the Bride are revealed in an epic battle for humanity’s survival.

Hope Kallah Kanisa, her twin brother Nathan, and those she represents—the Loyals—are targeted by a vile, deceptive, covert world order—the Weltgeist. Knowing Hope’s hidden identity and her loyalty to the Sovereigns, the Weltgeist work with the World Envoy, Kako Beyz, to force her defection, in order to harness her influence for their goal of a one-world government, and ultimately for the destruction of humanity.

Only with the help of the Sovereigns can Hope and the Loyals triumph in a war waged—to the End of Time.


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