The Unseen

There's so much more to life than what our five senses tell us! There's an unseen world that exists with this physical one, and God created them both. We have been placed here not to just survive, but to live life to the fullest!

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Love Who?

(Revised 2022)

One of my adult daughters made a comment that put in perspective the world as it is today.

She said it's sad that the world looks at you as being unkind if you don't agree with all its values. This daughter of mine is the kind who sticks up for underdog. But she also loves the God of the Bible and takes to heart the somewhat worn-out cliche "love the sinner, hate the sin."

Let's face it, we're all sinners (1. born with original sin traits of Adam and Eve; 2. break God's laws - which is everyone), but some of us are saved from our sins by God's grace. Not every sinner is my enemy or your enemy, in our way of thinking. But sinners are God's enemies (Romans 5:10). When you join up with God, by association, sinners could be your enemies too.

It took me a while to figure out the whole love your enemy thing. What about loving those who are purposefully against the God you love and serve? Against His ways, His laws?

I know some people are tired of the cliche "love the sinner, hate the sin." It is kind of worn out. But think about it! What else have we got?

True Christians - I mean the ones who've had a real heart change because they've really met the Master - are a strange, difficult lot. We don't fit in the mould many want us to. We're as varied as fruit in the grocery store, but we have a fierce desire toward Christ.

So when Jesus tells us to love our enemy (Mat. 5:44), we have to figure what the heavens it's saying, because we mean to do it. Some religious leaders were His enemies, and He called them names - to their faces. They led people falsely. But He allowed those same people to set up charges against Him so He could die on a cross. For them. For all of us.

The Samaritans - whom the Jewish people disdained, the thieving tax-collector, the adulteress caught in the act were bound by the enemy of our souls - Satan. Jesus' desire was to free them.

We're to be compassionate in our response to those who are bound by sin, firm with those who uphold the deceptions of our real enemy, enlightening to those who want to see, shunning to those who try to lead us astray...

We won't be popular. But we have to love. The ones we don't like - who oppose us, who frustrate us. Love them in our thoughts, by our actions. It's called agape love: different from erotic, brotherly, or family love. It's without conditions. The feelings often follow.

Love because He says to, He loves us, and love conquers what hate builds up. Be gentle, be kind, be firm, do good. Love.

Loving this way may not totally make sense now, but it eventually will. Eternity shines a different kind of light on things. It's a short time here. Where we're going, there will be nothing but LOVE.

Be filled with hope,


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